My name is Alex. This is the site where I publish my free and open source software for Linux platform. Enjoy!

Modem Manager GUI 0.0.20 bugfix release is available.

- Various fixes of memory management errors
- Fixes in help formatting
- Fix for building without Appindicator package
- Switch from libappindicator to libayatana-appindicator
- Deprecation of GNOME application menu and GTimeVal
- Fix in procfs parser
- More secure polkit interaction
- Translations update

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01 Aug 2020 by Alex
This is initial release of new project: Lark Audiobook Creator. It converts text documents (in TXT, PDF, FB2 and ePub formats) to audio files using RHVoice and ESpeak TTS engines and GStreamer multimedia framework. Right now you can import text file in supported format, choose voice and it's parameters, use spellchecker to correct typos, set output file format and it's quality, set audio files splitting strategy in terms of time or size limits (if needed) and start export. Of course, you can select any text fragment and listen to it's audio representation before export. As always application uses GTK toolkit and released under the terms of GNU GPL license. Thanks to ReYHa, there is already Turkish localization.

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30 Mar 2018 by Alex