Modem Manager GUI

Modem Manager GUI 0.0.20 bugfix release is available.

- Various fixes of memory management errors
- Fixes in help formatting
- Fix for building without Appindicator package
- Switch from libappindicator to libayatana-appindicator
- Deprecation of GNOME application menu and GTimeVal
- Fix in procfs parser
- More secure polkit interaction
- Translations update

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01 Aug 2020 by Alex
After long time Modem Manager GUI 0.0.19 is there with some fixes and new features.

New features:
- New connection control functionality for NetworkManager/Connman
- Builtin PIN code input dialog
- Active pages selection
- Custom command for new SMS
- Notifications filtration in GNOME
- Traffic graph movement selection
- Modules compatibility checks
- Meson build system support
- Theme icons support (thanks to Andrei)
- Monochrome and scalable icons for better desktop integration
- AppIndicator as replacement for GtkStatusIcon
- New translations

- UI refresh for better look and feel (thanks to Andrei)
- Registration handler in MM06 fix (thanks to Alexey)
- Invisible infobar fix
- Stalled connection to Akonadi server fix
- Akonadi server error handler typo fix (thanks to dcb)
- Timestamp parser for legacy MM versions fix (thanks to Vin)
- Appdata file format and placement fix

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17 Mar 2018 by Alex