Modem Manager GUI

Modem Manager GUI version 0.0.17 released with oFono support and lots of fixes. New features:
- oFono/Connman supprted as well as ModemManager/NetworkManager
- KDE addressbook contacts export (not sure if it works fine though, additional testing needed)
- Preferred backends can be selected from GUI
- Operations timeouts can be adjusted from GUI
- Autocompletion for names of contacts in New SMS dialog and names of commands in USSD window added
- GNOME-style help added, thanks to Mario Blättermann (it is not finished at moment, but much better than nothing)
- Appdata file added

- Deadlock on connections handling (at least hope so)
- Traffic history for a first day of month
- Sending USSD codes with first symbol '#'
- 3GPP location format (thanks to Graham Inggs)
- Lots of other fixes

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01 Sep 2014 by Alex
After long time Modem Manager GUI 0.0.16 is released.

New features:
- New Modem Manager 0.7 API supported as well as legacy Modem Manager 0.6 and Wader APIs.
- Contacts can be exported from modem address book (only supported by Wader for now) and from GNOME address book (KDEPIM will be supported later).
- Traffic consumption history feature added.
- Keyboard accelerators needed to switch pages and use application functions added.
- Application can be minimized to tray or messaging menu (messaging menu works in Ubuntu only).
- Sound can be played on message receive event.
- Application window size and position can be saved and restored on next run.
- New SMS messages can be placed on top of list.
- GNOME global menu integration.
- USSD reencoding fixes.

Architecture improvements:
- Support code for modem and connection managing applications moved into modules.
- Configuration and data files stored in XDG standard directories.
- Signals instead of polling used for SMS messages handling (except for legacy Modem Manager versions).
- Netlink socket events instead of polling used for network interface changes monitoring.
- Netlink requests instead of procfs file parsing used for network interface traffic amount monitoring.
- Application can work without NetworkManager using pppd connections database.
- And big amount of code refactored...

Big thanks to all people who helped with development, translation or just suggested useful things!

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20 Jul 2013 by Alex
Modem Manager GUI released with some user-requested features:
- SMS messages stored in folders: Incoming, Sent, Drafts
- Every SMS message have read/unread status
- SMS instant answer feature
- SMS concatenation can be disabled
- New style of USSD commands output
- USSD session handling improved
- Added list for fast USSD commands execution
- Added function for active network connections enumeration
- Traffic graph colors can be changed
- USSD session status and XML sequences fixes

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30 Dec 2012 by Alex