Modem Manager GUI

Modem Manager GUI 0.0.18 release

Sunday 11 October 2015 - 20:04:23

Modem Manager GUI version 0.0.18 released with polkit/systemd support and lots of fixes. List of new features:

  • Polkit integration and special policy to avoid frequent password requests on distributions where ModemManager built with polkit support activated (Debian/Ubuntu, OpenSUSE)
  • SystemD integration for easy services activation (DBus activation also supported, SystemD is not strictly required)
  • Spell checking for SMS messages (using Gtkspell and Enchant)
  • Extended traffic consumption statistics
  • SMS list multi-selection mode


  • Evolution Data Server v.0.0.16 API break
  • Crash on start because of NULL values in SMS structure fields
  • NDIS devices support
  • ...and some other

Download source: Modem Manager GUI 0.0.18