Modem Manager GUI

Modem Manager GUI 0.0.17 release

Monday 01 September 2014 - 11:38:08

Modem Manager GUI version 0.0.17 released with oFono support and lots of fixes. New features:

  • oFono/Connman supprted as well as ModemManager/NetworkManager
  • KDE addressbook contacts export (not sure if it works fine though, additional testing needed)
  • Preferred backends can be selected from GUI
  • Operations timeouts can be adjusted from GUI
  • Autocompletion for names of contacts in New SMS dialog and names of commands in USSD window added
  • GNOME-style help added, thanks to Mario Blättermann (it is not finished at moment, but much better than nothing)
  • Appdata file added


  • Deadlock on connections handling (at least hope so)
  • Traffic history for a first day of month
  • Sending USSD codes with first symbol '#'
  • 3GPP location format (thanks to Graham Inggs)
  • Lots of other fixes

Download source with latest bugfixes: Modem Manager GUI