Conquest Code Of Conduct

Conquest's Second Law: "Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing."

tl;dr: No Socialism or Social Justice.

All contributions and communication are welcome, so long as they do not (within this project space) espouse, entertain, advocate for, or otherwise positively discuss the political ideals associated with Social Justice, Progressivism, Communism, Socialism, Marxism, Liberalism or anything else generally reminiscent of any political philosophy to the left of Conservatives or Libertarians.

Defining characteristics of Leftism

  1. The "Old Way of Thinking"
    Complete disregard of the traditions of the majority, either by direct insult, afflicting violence or call for violence against the majority, destruction of the mojority's property (with the exclusion of intellectual property for free speech), or attempts of defaming the majority by using false accusations.
  2. The "New Way of Thinking"
    Heavy promotion of nuanced things for the sake of trendiness or hype, with the lack of evidence, and to force it upon the project space without concern or respect for the goal of the project, or the project owners and contributors of the project, by those who have contributed little to no code, as a mob or a voting block.
  3. The "Entitlements and dreams"
    Obsession with giving power to those who are irrelevant to the goals of the project, which includs but not limited to, genderists, ethnic and religious minorities, fat extremists, who will not contribute under these rules, either due to illusions of diversity, the guilt tripping of false oppression, or by improper voting procedures.
  4. The "Reality and facts"
    Unwilling to accept biological differences and bell curve distribution between biological men and women, whites/asians, indians/arabs and blacks/latinos, and that behavior can be derived from them to predict future prospects, with the exclusion of endeavored individuals with real achivements using personal anecdotes.
  5. The "Words and Talk"
    Using Political Correctness to supress freedom of, and prohibit dialog between groups of people, to ban so called hate-facts outright, and to prevent a fair and balanced conflict resolution scheme, allowing those who introduced a preceived winning strategy, and when all else fails, dig dirt for mob violence and other misconducts.
  6. The "Works and Walk"
    Destrution of a meritocratic, technocratic project management structure, in order for those who were duped into minority victim complexes to riot against the project, and for those who seek power to replace the meritocrates/theocrates with democracies, which leads to the decline in code quality and the eventual destruction of the project
  7. The "Conflicts with ideas"
    The call for the destruction of the project, project owners and/or contributors for the sake of disagreeing in political issues, even if the issue is negligible, when the so called offenders are conservatives, libertarians or nationalists, and that such issues are not relevant to the goals of the project.
  8. The "Violence with acts"
    Promotion of the dissolution of the police and military which enforces the law, the traditions of the majority, honesty in the sciences and politics, peace and harmony throughtout family and culture, and the discouragement of reformation of those who does not abide by these rules, encouraging violence and mayhem.

If you suspect or are subjected to criminal behavior within this project space, first notify the appropriate authorities; then, if you wish, you may notify the project owner. The project owner makes no promises in advance regarding accusations or complaints.

The project owner is the final arbiter on all contributions and communication within this project space.